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[atlarge-discuss] icannatlarge.com and ALOC

This is with reference to Vittorio's post (provided below) as 
well as posts by several members and panelists in the past 
48 hours.

Provided below are my submissions:

The Interim Panel has a very important mandate. However,
it is necessary that panel members work towards furthering
that mandate, not expanding it! While one is certainly 
disposed to positive relationships, one must not undermine 
the very basis on which one was elected to a certain post.
I would urge the interim panel to be less distracted by 
extraneous events and concentrate on accomplishing the tasks 
set prior to its election. 

Despite our best efforts, Denise Michel, will not disappear.
However, while we may, in Joop's words, agree to dance a fine 
waltz with ICANN, we need not dance to its tunes.

We do not need to, nor are we required to, react to every
announcement made by ICANN appointees or SO reps.

It is one thing for the panel to decide that one person would
be nominated to represent the initiative as a liason (as Wolfgang 
suggests). It is another thing for panelists to volunteer in their 
personal capacity. It brings to mind the conduct of Ms.Dyson 
in simultaneously purporting to lend support to divergent 
efforts and implies a great degree of insecurity on the 
part of these members.

There is very clearly, disagreement between people in
this effort on the attitude to be adopted towards ICANN,
its staff and their efforts. However, if we all agree to 
disagree, can we get the fundamentals such as our bye-laws 
worked out and then vote on critical issues thence?

The time for informal arrangements has passed. It is time now
to observe some rules. You can rest assured that disregard for 
the rules set prior to this election, will result in a multiplicity of 
at-large entities.

Very truly yours,

Vivek Durai, 

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From: "Vittorio Bertola" <vb@vitaminic.net>
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Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 3:45 PM
Subject: [icann-alsg] icannatlarge.com and ALOC

We have another very urgent issue to address.

ICANN has set up an ALOC (At Large Organizing Committee) and called
for volunteers. Should any of the panel members answer the call and
propose himself for this role? Should there be an official answer from
the panel, proposing one or more icannatlarge.com members to be part
of the committee?

I have asked Denise Michel privately to supply more details about this
ALOC, its targets, its deadlines, and I'll tell you her answer as soon
as I get it. Nevertheless, I think we have to start to build a
positive relationship with ICANN as soon as possible (of course, at
least if ICANN shows willingness of doing so).
.oOo.oOo.oOo.oOo vb.
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