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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [atlarge-announce] icannatlarge.com newsletter, #1

Vittorio Bertola wrote:

>There are many issues that need to be considered for the future,

Here's my inputs

>- how to manage the web site, how to change and update it, where to
>host it;

I have no objection to Joop continuing on as Webmaster, but if others do, if
only for appearances sake, then we should solicit volunteers, have them
submit sample URLs of their work to check out, and vote on a Webmaster.
Joop should certianly be given an opportunity to particuuipate in this
(unless he'd rather get back to his *real* life!) As for where to host it,
if we can't find anyone to host it for free, I'm sure we can get sufficient
donations to set up a virtual host.  I'm will ing to pay for part of this
myself if necessary! :)  As for how to change & update it, the organization
officers should provide some input, sinmce this will be one of their primary
communication tools to the membership.  However, our membership hasn't been
shy about driving movements for concensus on this issue, and I'm sure that
will (and should!) continue.

> - how to use the web forums, which forums to have;

Let's ask the membership!  As I've said before, in my life this forum is
much more convenient, since I can catch up during my 1.5-hour communte
to/from work every day on my iPAQ, so this is huge for me (Thanks!).  But
perhaps we could somehow move significant conversations between the two.

>- which rules of order or best practices, if any, to adopt for our web
>forums and mailing lists;

Any speech short of profanity and libel should be allowed!  And unlike the
ALSC forum, no member should be frozen out!!!

>- how to start the work on the Bylaws for the organization, and
>particularly, as first steps, name and mission of the organization;

Name: I favor "Internet Users At Large".  But whatever we call it, the "At
Large" part should be included:  it's our roots, and a ready-made,
recognizable phrase that describes our constituency.

>- how to interact with Denise Michel and the At Large Organizing
>Committee (ALOC) which ICANN is about to create, and whether there
>should be official or unofficial icannatlarge.com representatives in
>the ALOC;

I vote for official.  In fact, I recommend that our elected representatives
"crash" the next open ICANN meeting and publically request recognition!  Now
if we could arrainge to have the press there to document the response . . .
!  :)

>- how to interact with ICANN's Evolution and Reform Committee, and how
>to position ourselves on the ICANN map;

React to the extent they are willing to let us.  As for our position:  we
include as members a large number of the original At Large membership, and
as such can at least claim to be one of the more (if not most!) legitimate
organizations seeking to represent Internet users.

- how to organize next panel elections;

I'll leave that to the PolySci majors out there!  :)

- how to conduct an outreach campaign;

 Lots of news coverage to draw in members.  Know any national TV or print
journalists? :)  It would also be lovely if we could e-mail the original At
Large list, but ICANN won't even let Karl see it!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
Go to http://www.icannatlarge.com and Join ICANN At Large!

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