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Re: [atlarge-discuss] online voting

At 11.05.2002 07:51, James Love wrote:
>What is the current state of play with online voting?  The DNSO type voting
>seems to have some good features regarding verifying how one's vote was
>calculated.  Do we want public or secret voting?  Does it cost money to have
>these fancy voting services, or are they inexpensive or free software tools
>that volenteers can use?   Are there good articles on pros and cons for

 From my experiences with the (IMHO very good) DNSO
type voting system here are some of the realities 
of e-mail balloting. A system for sending and 
receiving e-mail ballots must take into account the 

[ ] Some respondents use Blackhole lists (so the mail
    must be sent from a system that is not on any
    Blackhole list or allows for smtp-auth sending).
[ ] Some respondents use wrong email addresses (so
    the delivery failures must be recorded).
[ ] Some respondents send the ballot from a different
    email address than the one the ballot was sent
    to (so the balloting system must not depend on
    the "From" address).
[ ] Some respondents send blank ballots (so the system
    must count them as abstentions and not confuse
    them with delivery failures).
[ ] Some respondents mark ballots, but not according
    to the instructions (so "blank" ballots have
    to be checked to see whether they really are
[ ] Some respondents delete their ballots accidentally
    (so the vote operator must be able to resend
[ ] Some respondents send more than one ballot (so the
    system must only use the last ballot sent).
[ ] Some respondents send ballots with more votes than
    they have (so the system must notify them that 
    their ballot will not be recorded).
[ ] Some respondents reply to the sample ballot contained
    in the voter information email (so the system must
    notify them that this ballot will not be recorder).

In addition,
[ ] the voter should receive an acknowledgement that
    the vote has been recorded,
[ ] the voter should be able to see at the end of the
    election that his vote has indeed been recorded
[ ] there should be some mechanism to settle disputes
    after the election (e.g. independent watchdogs
    with copies of all votes),
[ ] the voters must be sure that their email addresses
    will not be used by the vote operators and watchdogs
    in any way except for the purpose of voting,
[ ] the voting instructions should be clear and concise,
[ ] the voting system should be as transparent as possible;
    if possible, the source code should be public.

Best regards,
/// Alexander 

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