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[atlarge-discuss] ALOC Representation needs accompanying mission statement

HelpWith regard to ALOC:

We SHOULD be represented (because it is a right of the people), but I agree with Vittorio that our representatives should take a clear statement with them, that

(a) they are wholly independent of ICANN

(b) critical of ICANN - sorry, but there's no point in appeasement

(c) we have minimum requirements and expectations (including the election of a significant part of the ICANN board by an ALSO membership recognised by ICANN but independent of it.

I DO NOT favour ICANN financing, however, as that automatically creates a link and dependency, and a 'suspicion of association' with ICANN.

You do not ask a burglar to pay for your house insurance.

First though, as Wolfgang states, we cannot be represented there without a clear mission statement. And I think this could be a little problematic, as I suspect that within our own group there are those who favour a narrow ICANN-related mission, and those like myself who favour a broader mission, aimed at a larger audience and membership.

The structure or architecture for discussion of this urgent matter, and the bylaws, and the name, and the elections, should be set in place this weekend - so that discussion among members can commence immediately in a clear and orderly manner.

I propose separate threads or forum sub-sections for different issues (including a breaking up of bylaws issues into ten or more sections as I detailed a week ago).

Some people may argue that we need to proceed step-by-step.

I believe we should initiate discussion in this structured way immediately.