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[atlarge-discuss] What I think needs doing this weekend

HelpVittorio wrote: "What would you think of setting up a new web forum and then opening new threads there for the different matters we decide to discuss?"

I certainly agree that we need separate threads, and an architecture of threads, for ease of navigation and clarity of discussion.

This is an urgent matter, Vittorio.

I agree with Jamie Love and Bruce Young that we should try to get elections completed early if at all possible - but, at least, on time.

Therefore I consider that we need much more urgency and organisation on Mission Statement and Bylaws.

As a minimum, this weekend: we should set up the architecture for consultation to take place.

I'd like separated forum threads for the elements I listed last week. I feel this so strongly, I'm almost tempted to act unilaterally on this! But of course, we will work best to proceed in unity of purpose.

It won't take long to set up these sub-sections / threads / structure on the forum. I could do it myself if you liked! Then discussion in detail, embracing the views of our membership, can commence in earnest. Of course, it would help if key points were mailed to members, and their comments and contributions invited.

Kind regards