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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ALSC-Forum] How to distract the At-large

Jamie and all stakeholders or interested parties,

  The biggest distractions for any At-Large effort and especially
the ICANNATLARGE.COM from what I have seen thus far,
and from many comments from others are as follows:

1.) The Joop -Pinder show appearance.
2.) A poor Discuss/mailing list
3.) Lack of honest recognition of donations of services
4.) The recent ICANN BoD announcements
5.) Esther Dysons meddling and distraction practices and commentary.
6.) Thomas Rossler's and Alexanders controlling of new Mailing lists
7.) Lack of a determination of a funding model and actual funding..
8.) Continued failure of getting ICANNATLARGE.COM incorporated
      as an Non-Profit membership organization...

James Love wrote:

> Vittorio, Yes, I was also thinking of a case where the organizations would
> not vote in the @large, but it's members would, and the organizations would
> help identify unique individuals who were interested in DNS issues, taking
> responsiblity for some of checking to see if they were real unique persons.
> In this model, you would accept an organization to assist in registration,
> but probably only if you have confidence that the organization was going to
> do a decent job of due diligence.  Organizations that have dues or mail
> based registration have some advantages in this respect.  Employeers
> probably do also.
> jamie
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> > >I would like to follow up with Danny's point.  Suppose we accepted
> > >"organizations" in the at large, and one important funciton was to manage
> > >their internal voter registration verification, and provide a mail
> verified
> > >residential address, plus an email address.  We could reject
> organizations
> > >was committed fraud.  If someone was a member of more than one group
> (most
> > >of us are), the address could be used to eliminate dups.  This would be a
> > >distributed approach to some of the at large functions.
> >
> > This is more or less what I have in mind too. The only issue is how to
> > build a representation mechanism on that - you could say that each
> > organization has one representative, but then you would have tons of
> > nonexisting organizations created for the purpose of winning a seat,
> > or each organization has a number of votes proportional to its
> > members, which would push for fake registrations and registration
> > rushes.
> > So the answer in my opinion is that organization should bring
> > individuals, and then the individuals should vote. If the organization
> > actually involves a relevant number of individuals, it will be able to
> > ask them to vote for the candidate it supports.
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