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RE: [atlarge-discuss] mailing lists

James Love wrote:

>I think if we want to make the @large work, we have to find ways to
>the view that there is too much in the way to personal attacks, paranoia,
>lack of respect for participants, if we want people to take the @large
>seriously, *and* we have to build institutional structures that work even
>then the personalities change.

As an outsider to other Internet-related forums, I'm not privy to much of
the ill will that goes on in them, but it has certainly "slopped over" into
the At Large discussion from time to time!  I agree that we need to judge
each participant by their actions within *this* body.  We also need to
separate our opinion about others' ideas from our estimation of their
commitment to the organization.

There are those in this forum and its predecessor with whom I've gone "nose
to nose" in the past in disagreement.  But I respect their devotion to the
idea of a user-based At Large organization even if we differ on the details.
I accept the fact that, by allowing them an equal voice, any consensus we
reach is likely to be sub-optimal to *my* personal vision.  But that's OK,
since said consensus will likely be equally sub-optimal for them as well!
At the end of the day, we are each fighting for the same dream, even if we
see it a little differently.  And what comes out of the process at the other
end we can each claim as our own bcause we had a hand in bringing it to

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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