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[atlarge-discuss] www.at-large.org ... see today's ICANNWatch article

HelpAnother @large ... see ICANNWatch today: 

Relationship to ours?

Covering the same ground?

Aren't they just proposing the same outreach as ours?

Who really represents the Internet public?

The logic (and strategy) of ICANN is that if multiple organisations can
be roped in, all representing internet users, then they can only really
be co-ordinated WITHIN ICANN's own initiatives and agendas.

Why? Would it be better to do EXACTLY what Denise Michel
proposes to do, but do it (or a parallel initiative) OUTSIDE the ICANN

The co-ordination of internet users groups should be organised and 
developed by the groups themselves - eg by the internet users themselves.
They should THEN go to ICANN and TELL them what they require.

There's a need for co-ordination and co-operation between ALL these
groups representing Internet Users, and the best place is NOT inside
ICANN and under THEIR auspices and THEIR agenda.

I've voted for our group to "attend" and be represented at the Denise
Michel "window-dressing / ICANN strategy" thing.

But I'm very very unhappy, because ICANN are proven untrustworthy
and the agenda, initiative and outreach needs to be conducted from
OUTSIDE ICANN and its narrow, corrupt little world.

This is a matter for the world OUTSIDE Icann - the whole world; the
internet users; those who lack internet access - and I'm very very
worried that a good initiative is in danger of being subsumed as
one tiny splinter group among many, under the prevailing and dominant
agenda of ICANN.

The biggest issue is: please may we define our plans for outreach? We 
need to side-step ICANN and largely ignore them and stick to our own
firm goals (the involvement of a million people, I suggest) in full 
communication with like-minded groups who share the same goals.