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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Fw: Wolfgang, I think we should keep our distance from ICANN

Richard Henderson wrote:

>My concern is this: we cannot allow our group to become
>"hemmed in" by ICANN rules and structures, organisation and
>bylaws. It would be better, in the short term, to be "locked out"
>if it had to be so.

I agree.  If our outreach is successful and we gain a large, diverse
membership, our numbers will compel their attention.

>We MUST maintain independence and separation from ICANN,
>and merely interact with it as we choose. The ICANN leadership
>is not worthy of trust, and we MUST keep a very clear distance
>from their discredited organisation which I and many others regard
>as cynical and corrupt.

Other adjectives come to mind as well!  But I agree we need to steer our own

>Referring to other issues raised by Wolfgang, I favour some kind
>of incorporation/legislation as an independent "not-for-profit"
>organisation, but I am opposed to membership fees.

As am I.

>Our Agenda should focus on who WE are - representatives of the
>internet-using public, creating a platform for the public voice,
>and building a moral authority (based on numbers) for the case
>for "democratic control of the internet" (to quote Bruce Young).

I agree here of course!  :)  Letting others distract our focus is the last
thing we can afford.

>I don't think we're in a good tactical position, and we could expend
>ALL our energies jumping through ICANN's hoops for no gain,
>which is probably exactly what they'd like us to do.

I'm sure!  If ICANN really wanted our inputs they would have approached us
by now.  Since our early organizing efforts were facilitated using their own
e-mail forum, it is a reasonable certainty that they know we're here, and
that many of our members have a direct historical connection to the original
At Large (I have my original letter if they want proof!).  The fact that
they don't contact us speaks volumes!

>As Machiavelli said, concentrate on the battles you know you can win.
>Our success will be determined by Outreach and Scale.

So true!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
Support democratic control of the Internet!
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