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RE: [atlarge-discuss] online voting

Gary Osbourne wrote:

>At what point, and how, does the public access computer know
>that you've left the terminal and someone else has logged on?

What's to stop your wife or child from doing the same at home, particularly
with an "always on" cable or DSL connection?  The point being that good
computer security discipline is not something within out scope enforce
(hell, we can't even enforce it on some of our users at work unless we sit
in their cube with them!).  All we can do is describe to our members what is
necesary to observe goot computer security practices vis-a-vis elections,
and strenuously request that they observe them.  I'd be willing to develop
such a document when the time comes.

>It would be relatively trivial to imitate you if you take
>your cue from Jeff and eric and respond to every post. -g

I've been accused of the same thing at times!  But mainly because I often
work on my replys offline ad send them in spurts (like today)!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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