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Re: [atlarge-discuss] bylaws

Dominic Pinto wrote:

> Bruce Young wrote:
> >
> > James Love wrote:
> >
> > >Are there people on this list who have suggestions regarding the bylaws, or
> > >who want to participate in a committee working on the bylaws?  Jamie
> >
> > I'd like to be involved in the process.  What would be involved?
> >
> > Bruce Young
> I've been lurking and observing but so far contributing in a parallel
> discussion concerning the ISOC board of trustees elections, chapter
> voting, democracy, and the individual member.
> Be happy to volunteer to work on these, having done some similar work in
> professional and other bodies (e.g. early stuff on isoc-e chapter
> bylaws, FITCE UK constitution, Alumni Association of the University of
> Newcastle upon Tyne constitution, branch constitution).

Excellent!  This is good to hear.  I have compiled a list of interested parties

I encourage any others who may wish to participate in a working group on the
ByLaws to add their names.

In no particular order:

Vittorio Bertola
Jamie Love
Bruce Young
Dominic Pinto
Eric Dierker
Joop Teernstra


Sotiris Sotiropoulos

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