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I strongly agree with you (below). The whole proposed ICANN Board structure is stacked AGAINST the individual user, and in favour of commercial interests. Ten clear Board positions (and a controlling interest) should be allocated by the millions and millions of ordinary people who use the net, develop the net, and make it what it is.

I think it's called "Democracy". Like Eric said recently, the idea of stacking the cards in favour of individuals may seem hazy and unusual in our age of global corporations, but it was once the sign of great nations and the human spirit.

Richard Henderson

>>Darth Vader wrote:
>>Without those commercial entities, your internet would be barely
>>nothing today, Bruce.
>Bruce wrote:
>These commercial entities are being well paid for their services or they
>would be doing something else!  My point is that companies who profit from
>the Internet have great influence in the three SOs, so they are already very
>well supported by the 9 SO seats already on the board.  Why give them any
>more consideration representation?
>Bruce Young
>Portland, Oregon
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