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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [ga] Election debate - Time Line Guide

Joanna and all assembly members,

Joanna Lane wrote:

> PROPOSED TIME LINE for "Election Debate"
> The following table sets out what is believed to be a reasonable guideline
> as to the timing of the various events that need to take place in order to
> take a vote of the whole Assembly on one or more issues related to the
> Election Debate before ICANN's next Meeting in Bucharest, which commences
> June 24th 2002.
> What follows are not strict "rules" but rather a rough sketch of the rates
> at which Members could expect things to happen. That is, the "duration" is
> not carved in stone, but rather what one should normally expect to see, all
> other things being equal. Since, in order to complete any Vote of the whole
> Assembly within a 27 day time period, more than one process must take place
> at once, this table provides deadlines for each of the concurrent
> processes.
> A General Discussion and investigation of issues commenced on or about Tues
> May 28th http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc10/msg01725.html. This process
> would normally run its course over a period of 7 days, ending Mon June 3rd.

  Well the process of online elections with their reference to the
Archived URL you provided actually stated over two years
ago and has been ongoing on and off sense that time.

  However for the purposes of getting something accomplished
along the line of Online Elections for any and all stakeholders/users
this venue, the DNSO GA list is one such place where such
work can be accomplished before the Bucharest June 24th
ICANN meeting.  I would add that these discussions be
paralleled at least on the At-Large list as well as that is the
most important area of interest for such global online elections
that can effect the Motion #2 recently passed.

  In this interest than, yet again, the method used in Joanna's
reference the CIRA held elections for all of canada from
Domain Name registrants ONLY for the dotCA TLD
registry...  However for Bucharest June 24th, we should
address any and all stakeholders or interested parties
in the DNSO as well as the yet to be decided upon

> An informal Onlist Poll may be held at any time to determine interest in
> proposals put forward for further action, such as a vote of the whole
> assembly on one or more motions.

  Good point and good basic approach here if Thomas and Alex
will not disrupt or otherwise object and we stay within the
present DNSO GA voting rules...

> duration: 3 days
> suggested start date: Fri May 31st
> end: Sun June 2nd

  This time line seems fine...

> Submission and Debate on Proposal(s)
> duration: 7 days
> start: Fri May 31st
> end: Thurs June 6th
> Submission and Debate on text of Motion(s)/ including possible amendments
> and/ or substitute Motion(s)
> duration:7 days
> start: Fri June 7th
> end: Thurs June 13th
> Informal onlist Poll(s) on amendments,
> and/ or substitute motions
> duration: 3 days
> (optional at any time during Debate)
> Deadline for Text of Motion(s) to be submitted with a list of 10 supporters
> Fri June 14th
> Vote of the whole Assembly (subject to Secretariat availability)
> duration:7 days
> start: Sat June 15th
> end: Fri June 21st
> Submit Final Report(Motion Text, Vote results and supporting documentation)
> Mon June 24th

  This is too late a date.  The motion or Motions should be passed
at least a few days before Bucharest June 24th...



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