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RE: [atlarge-discuss] The ICANNatlarge.com web page

Jamie wrote:
> 8.    Now we have what seems to be suggestions for an expanded
> and somewhat
> exalted role for the webmaster..  [....]

This position is responsible for the technical implementation and support of
Internet based hardware and software products provided to the organization
and its members. I agree with you that there it is probably be best to a
team of three part-time people, but would suggest clear division of labor,
or more confusion could ensue, and to that end, would look for a Webmaster,
Web Writer and Web Designer.

The important thing about the Webmaster role is that the person must have a
willingness to subordinate their own image of what the web should be to
those of constituents and management, and understand that technology is a
means and not the end.

See Webmaster Job Description, ISOC, for an example of limitations.

Also, I am attaching below a Job Description which I submit in addition the
Design Brief posted yesterday.

Finally, let me stress that I'm in full agreement with those who want the
website to be simple and concur with Giampaolo that what we have currently
is probably too ambitious at this stage, and will need to be scaled back
initially. However, if Richard Henderson's target of enrolling 100,000 new
members over the next 12 months is met, the website must scale, and
therefore I believe it is both necessary and desirable to take a more formal
approach to resolving current difficulties, rather than this amateur
spamming of the membership which essentially, is asking for somebody to step
forward wearing a webmaster hat, which is entirely of their own creation.


Job description for the Webmaster, Web writer and Web designer (3 jobs)

Major responsibilities

Reporting directly to the Board, or indirectly through the Director of
Communications should one be appointed in due course: The Webmaster assists
in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the corporate World Wide
Web site by providing strategic input to and managing the delivery of
planned communications services. Such assistance includes, but is not
limited to: preparing strategic and operational plans, coordinating the
process of adding and updating information to the sites, liaising with
various membership groups, managing and analyzing user feedback,
coordinating advisory committees, promoting the site, and evaluating
effectiveness of the site as a cost-effective communications vehicle. The
Webmaster effectively acts as gatekeeper, managing information coming from
all sources.

Key activities for Webmaster

Prepares annual plans for the Web site identifying goals, operational
objectives, strategic approach, budget requirements; provides reports such
as monthly server statistics studies, site audits, cost-benefit analysis,
and user requirement surveys

Determines appropriate site architecture for the presentation of
organization information on the site

Manages the content, flow and accessibility of information on the site by
liaising with appropriate contributors, content providers and systems

Provides advice and counsel to the Board on the appropriate and effective
presentation of Web documentation by promoting the proper use of Hypertext
Markup Language (HTML) and keeping up-to-date on developing HTML standards

Develops and promotes the use of a "house style" (uniform fonts, icons, page
format, document organization, etc) so that all site documentation presents
a uniform look and feel; promotes the use of templates or other electronic
aids to assist the organization's Members in preparing appropriately
formatted HTML documents

Maintains the home page and certain other primary site documents as well as
a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document where necessary

Actively participates in Board discussions which provide input to help
establish objectives, enhances the site by sharing best practices, and
establish standards and guidelines for content

Ensures the effectiveness of the two-way communication process on the site
by responding to or redirecting enquiries, identifying user needs based on
this feedback, and incorporating such information into the strategic
planning cycle

Promotes the site to appropriate internal and external audiences by liaising
with other Webmasters, establishing pointers from other relevant sites and
WWW search sites, encouraging the promotion of the site through other
communications vehicles


Relevant post-secondary education and/or experience in WWW site development
and management from the point-of-view of communications, marketing and
customer service combined with a strategic understanding of the Internet
Advanced technical aptitude and knowledge of Web technologies; appreciation
of browser compatibility issues
Ability to work productively with design and content generating teams
Superior written and oral communications skills
Knowledge of effective Web authoring practices and presentation techniques
Knowledge of relevant softwares such as HTML, as well as graphics
applications and techniques
Experience in communications project coordination, and the ability to remain
aware of long-term goals while producing immediate solutions
Initiative, judgment and tact are required to interact with senior
management and the membership
Appreciation of organization-wide objectives, programs, services and
responsibilities as they relate to the WWW

Major responsibilities for Web Writer

Responsible for researching and writing original documentation, as well as
adapting, summarizing or editing online material from other related sources
for use on the main site. The work involves liaising with other content
providers, reviewing news media reports to keep up to date on relevant
issues, as well as project planning and managing documentation on the
Internet server. University graduation in journalism, communications (or a
closely-related field), or an acceptable combination of training and
experience required.

Major responsibilities for Web Designer

Responsible for helping maintain a strong corporate presence on the main
departmental Internet site by using typographic and graphic design
techniques, photography and illustration to create well-designed, dynamic
and easy-to-use Web sites and documentation. The work also involves updating
and managing documentation on the Internet server. Post-secondary graduation
in graphic design, or a related field required.

See "Design Brief"


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