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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Act now -- Your privacy is at risk

Richard Henderson wrote:

> . . . since they have no intention of
> surrendering power to the @large, our only remaining policy 
> is to "go round" ICANN and "bypass" their structures, by 
> building an organisation which is so substantial and 
> numerically convincing, that we can find supporters outside
> ICANN to pressurise the Board into ceding us power.

Yes.  It's obvious that our only chance to change their ways
is through external pressure.

> The WLS fiasco illustrates why ALAC is likely to be futile, 
> powerless, and counter-productive.

Any ICANN AL*C entity has been intended to keep people occupied
so they can then force it espouse their "party line" then point
to it as being the "consensus of users."  We need to organize in 
such a fashion, and grow large enough, that they are forced to 
listen to and deal with *our* party line!

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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