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Re: [atlarge-discuss] WG-DNS Mailing list

Jefsey and all,

  This list is missing is missing my name, along with James Kahan's,
and I believe Ron Sherwoods at least.  There may be others...

J-F C. (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

> I have created the wg-dns@icann-at-large.org mailing list.
> The WG-DNS focusses on the defense and administration of the @large
> interests in the DNS and in the namespace management.
> I have listed as current Members:
> Borda   Joey
> Burlee  Tim
> Morfin  Jefsey
> Wisman Abel
> If you want to join: http://icann-at-large.org/wgdns.htm - good
> command/interest in the DNS issues advisable.
> jfc
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