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[atlarge-discuss] Re: "IPv6 & ICANN is..."

jkhan schrieb:
> Stephen, Holger, et.al.:
> Please find a longer explanation below. To all others; this is a PSO
> issue, should you find that you can help. Please let me know. I have
> taken this work seriously and would like to progress. I appreciate my
> Contrarians (those with constructive views), but I am in short limits to
> finish the work. If you have further points beyond this, 'Please' allow
> me to finish.
> I would also like to thank Stephen and Holger for engaging me on this
> subject, we are all kind Gentlemen and I find that you can make
> constructive use of this mail list if you put your effort into it.
> Having said that, I would also say that it would be refreshing to read
> others 'work-in-progress' in regards to DNSO and ASO issues.

So, instead of answering directly your using this forum to spill some
more socialist propaganda?

> Development in the past has
> always meant the increase in the ability to guard the independence of
> the social group and indeed to infringe upon the freedom of
> others-something that often came about irrespective of the will of the
> persons within the societies involved.

That ist wrong. 
Not EVERY development infringes on the freedom of other people.

> It was predicted that there would be a further stage

And that was obviously wrong.

> -that of Socialism
> - in which the principle of economic equality would be restored, as in
> communalism. In the present century, the phase of socialism has indeed
> emerged in some countries.

There were (and are) some bloody dictatorships calling itself socialism.
But socialism never existed on the level of countries/nations.

> Economically, each succeeding stage
> represented development in the strict sense that there was increased
> capacity to control the material environment and thereby to create more
> goods and services for the community.

And the so called "socialist" states had a worse control over their
environment and created far less goods and services.
Something ist wrong.

> The notions of revolution and class consciousness must be borne in mind

Because it is a wrong and futil belief.

It goes back to Platon and it was wrong already in his times.

> group are the majority of mankind. To advance, they must overthrow
> capitalism; and that is why at the moment capitalism stands in the path
> of further human social development. To put it another way, the social
> (class) relations of capitalism are now outmoded, just as slave and
> feudal relations became outmoded in their time.

Yeah, we need socialist GuLags.
Lets kill off those bloody capitalist pigs!

> Capitalism has created its own
> irrationalities such as a vicious white racism,

That is an outright lie.
As long as you can pay, you are a good friend to any capitalist,
regardless of the color of your skin.

And substituting race-haters by class-haters is not a development to be
proud of!

> It can be offered as a generalization that all phases of development are
> temporary or transient and are destined sooner or later to give way to
> something else. It is particularly important to stress this with
> reference to capitalism because the capitalist epoch is not quite over
> and those who live at a particular point in time often fail to see that
> their way of life is in the process of transformation and elimination.

Wow, according to socialist propaganda the end of capitalism was at the
beginning of the last century.
Maybe the socialist propaganda was wrong?

> The fact that capitalism today is still around alongside socialism

Err, where is there socialism today?

> China and Korea were both at a stage approximating feudalism when they
> were colonized by the capitalist powers of Europe and Japan. Russia was
> never legally colonized, but while in the feudal stage and before its
> own indigenous capitalism could get very far, the Russian economy was
> subjugated by the more mature capitalism of Western Europe. In all three
> cases, it took a socialist revolution to break the domination of
> capitalism, and only the rapid tempo of socialist development could make
> amends for the period of subjugation when growth was misdirected and
> retarded.

And then there came the revolution of capitalism in Russia.

But, I give you this, North Korea is a really good example of socialism.
How many millions of north koreans are starving?

> Up to the end of the 1980s, Russia, China, Korea, and certain nations in
> Eastern Europe were the only countries which had decisively broken with
> capitalism and imperialism.

That is wrong.
The soviet imperialism was nothing?

> One of the most crucial factors leading to more rapid and consistent
> expansion of economic capacity under socialism has been the
> implementation of planned development (as in China today).

China is a bloody dictatorship.

How many million of chinese are unemployed as "planned"?

> A second and even more indispensable component of modern
> underdevelopment is that it expresses a particular relationship of
> exploitation: namely, the exploitation of one country by another. All of
> the countries named as "underdeveloped" in the world are exploited by
> others;

North Korea is exploited by whom?

[snip a far to long and disgusting piece of socialist propaganda]

The quantity of your propaganda becomes not quality.
You didnīt answer those questions below.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Holger Steiner [mailto:h.steiner@scharr.de]
> Sent: Sunday, December 01, 2002 11:23 PM
> To: atlarge-discuss@lists.fitug.de
> Subject: Re: [atlarge-discuss] "IPv6 & ICANN is..."
> jkhan schrieb:
> >
> > Stephen,
> >
> > My main concern is the 'expense' to the 3rd World at-large, as it
> > relates to the: Entry into IPv6 based systems ( entering a IPv6
> > Portal), the expense of IPv6 Host equipment, and Cost to the Lower
> > World society as it relates to the "Loss" of invention, discovery, and
> > quality of life due to the barriers that make Knowledge inaccessible
> > for them.
> So it should be forbidden to use new technology as long as not everybody
> on the planet has free access to it?
> [snip]
> > We should be focusing on the concerns
> > of, people who are (or should be) trying to find something to eat,
> > before we glitz them with internet services, the 'Knowledge' they seek
> > to make gains in the World must be free (minimum) in order for a
> > progressive humanity to exist.
> "must be free"?
> Without free access to the internet there canīt be a "progressive
> humanity"? Well then, there never was a "progressive humanity", whatever
> that means, because internet was never free.
> [snip]
> > Again, the initial intent of the internet was that of the 'Library of
> > Human Knowledge', a way for under privilege persons to access
> > knowledge and improve their respective position in Life.
> Ever heard of ARPAnet?
> You are simply wrong.
> [snip]
> > Back to market forces: ??? How many Arial Antennas do you see in your
> > neighborhood ???
> On practically every house.
> > The market in the First world has definitely moved to
> > the TVv6 format, However the Third World is very much tuned in buy
> > Arial transmission TVv4. Why is this? It is a matter of affordability,
> > not market forces, that allow the First World to afford the cost and
> > the Third world find it un-affordable. In other words, People who
> > would benefit the most from the: Learning, History, and Discovery
> > Channels, can not, because they cannot afford it, and the Knowledge
> > escapes them. (Burn the Books)
> If you start to give away every book for free how many books would get
> printed? Communism doesnt work.

Holger Steiner
Programmer & Consultant
Synchron GmbH
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