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Re: [atlarge-discuss] membership sign up

On 23:46 04/12/02, DPF said:
I take an imperfect democracy over a well functioning dictatorship
every day.  And the question for icannatlarge.org is does an
association with icannatlarge.com help or hinder our efforts?  I
certainly wouldn't want to be at an ICANN meeting advocating they
should be more democratic and having to explain why we don't practice
it ourselves.
Dear DPF,
you want to ban .... a forum. What is democracy if it is not the many free fora of the people. If a few people might vote a ban on a forum we would have reached the top of sensorship. We are not here under the tyranny of an oligarchy. Or soon the only permited forum we could open woould be nicknamed "the soviet". Let us make sur it never hapen!

I accept that you may not like the ways, the person, or the origin of the forum keeper nor the forum program, but we probably agree that removing a forum is killing democracy.

I know you call my question "semantic", but IMHO @large are about making that damned network work properly to the common good of everyone. Democracy amopng us should be to take decision, not to impeach any proper decision process. Debating on a forum is part of democratic decision processes. On *any* forum.

Please, Vittorio, make sure that the link to Joop's forum is still in operations. Thank you.

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