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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Killing ICANNAtLarge by division

This is a general reply to this post.

I am also concerned about the "breakaway" ICANNATLARGE.COM and have voiced
same in the Panel list.  However, I was also concerned about the forum
"disappearing" from our .ORG site as well.  The solution I will press for is
to return the forum to our ORG address, and have the .COM address redirect
to .ORG.

I was one of the first to endorse Jefsey's ATLARGE.ORG concept, and hope to
start up local outreach efforts here in the US Pacific Northwest once our
bylaws are in place, centered around a site on that domain (linked to
ICANNATLARGE.ORG, of course!).  But now, while we are still organizing is
not the time to fracture our efforts.  Ideally, we need one site that
ICANNATLARGE on most domains redirects to.  That should be something WG-Web
is working to effect.

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
Support democratic control of the Internet!
Go to http://www.icannatlarge.org and Join ICANN At Large!

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|  Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 7:10 AM
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|  Subject: Re: [atlarge-discuss] Killing ICANNAtLarge by division
|  On 06:05 29/11/02, DPF said:
|  > >I still can't believe this is all happening because the web
|  > >forums you liked so much have been defaced and the panel didn't
|  > >see it as a priority to bring them back online. *sigh*
|  >
|  >I know.  And the forums had a pitiful amount of use anyway.  Would
|  >have been good to have them back earlier but it's not like they were
|  >declaring martial law.
|  Let keep cool.
|  1. I have for a long called for a registration master able to manage the
|  list. Obviously the list is icanntalagre.org. I expect Joop to kill the
|  registration possibility on his list. But I am glad that the
|  list is kept
|  somewhere.
|  2. I have objected to the forum. But some people like it and we are to
|  respect that. The lack of ability of this organization to gat
|  access to the
|  site, then to update a page in month, then to restore a forum ..
|  is driving
|  me mad. I am not happy with Joop, but he made it.
|  All this only shows the immense frustration we all share.
|  jfc

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