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[atlarge-discuss] Some Simple Facts...

Some Simple Facts...as I see them

Folks -

I continue to be amazed by the ways we find to NOT get anything done. This
seems to include NOT acknowledging the fact that there needs be both
formal/official/external and informal/unofficial/internal "sides" to all
questions/positions/points. That said; consider the following nine points
as being said in a close-door brainstorming session being attended by both
Line and Staff...

 1. Who Are We: anyone from anywhere who cares to join, in anyway they
care to join in.

 2. What Are We About: trying to ensure the all internet users can have
their voice heard, if and when they want it to be heard.

 3. How Do We Go About This: by providing an (umbrella) organization whose
voice IS listened to by the rest of the internet community, and who, in
turn, listens to all those who would care to speak with us.

 4. Our Mission Statement: See "What Are We About." How we word-smith our
Mission Statement is only a detail.

 5. Our By-Laws: or constitution - is an organizational requirement, but
it's a cart not the HORSE. Need an international example - UNESCO at
http://www.unesco.org/general/eng/legal/index.shtml - and starting with

 6. Our Organization: another detail - but one which must properly deal
with all international transactions, their accounting, reporting, and tax
consequences, for all "sides" of any transaction.

 7. ICANN: isn't going away anytime soon - we need to deal with it, not
ignore it - or just call it names.

 8. What We Don't Have: is a funding source that would allow us to buy the
STAFF support we MUST have - legal and accounting at a minimum.

 9. What We Aren't: we aren't all LINE personnel...and we certainly aren't
as talented as we think we are.

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