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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Some Simple Facts...

On 22:40 04/01/03, sotiris@hermesnetwork.com said:
> On Sat, 4 Jan 2003 07:35:08 -0800, "Bruce Young"
> <bruce@barelyadequate.info> wrote:
>>I don't disagree with most of this.  However, the appropriate order is
>>to create our organization first, then solicit funds.  Without a
>>legally approved organization, in whatever venue we wish to have it
>>approved, we can run into tax issues (at least in *this* country!).
> True and it is unbelievable we have not yet had a vote on where to
> incorporate and some draft bylaws, especially when there have bene
> several options now for several months.
Yes, this is quite unacceptable.  The current panel members have stymied
this organization and deterred it from any progress whatsoever.  Perhaps
its time for an election?
Here we have an exchange between our three leaders in terms of action.

- Bruce for USA
- DPF for NZ
- Sotiris for Canada

And what do you globally? you say :"I have done some proposition,
others have done nothing while time flown".

My question is simple:

1. you have had all the necessary time, from IDNO and @large,
    to diagnose that the system you propose is slow to fly - I
    would even suggest that it cannot fly.

2. yet what contingency plan do you propose? The only suggestion
    by Sotiris is to repeat it ("new election"). Errare humanum est,
    perseverare diabolicum.

Where are usa@large? nz@large? canada@large? Nowhere,
except that canada@large never took off and that nz@large is
faught by DPF. If you cannot even do something in your own
land, how do you want others believe you are serious about the

france@large and germany@large feel alone (france@large was
incorporated more than 2 years ago). I do not claim it is something
big (it is not as it is meant to benefit from other countries synergy)
but it is something. For the time being it is even the only thing in
the @large world which is more than 2 years old (with our Directors).


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