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[atlarge-discuss] Re: [atlarge-panel] replacing panel members

Welcome to Gabriel and Kimberley.
To respond pending questions :

1. I think of absolutely no use to elect a new panel to get vocal and/or quickly absent panelists. The current attrition is probably the best way. We do not need sleeping representatives we need active trustees.

2. The rules of the panel have been voted. It has a bug wich no impact in here. We only need to respect it whay would have been no problem if the call for replacements was not overdue due to the delay since Viveck left and the time that Michel took to understand he did not contribute.

The only solution IMHO is the one I call for from the very first day and you are technically the only one to be able to help with, is a small PHP/MySQL tool to manage the panel votes. 11 entries pages that any panelist can create and get seconded and approved by the Chair. Reporting who has not voted (Y/N/Abstain/does not want to vote) and proposing his/her replacement when he/she has not participated three or more times unless he went on leaves for vcations, illness, etc. in which case he should discounted from the quorum.


On 11:06 02/02/03, Vittorio Bertola said:

To replace Vivek and Michael on the panel, I would like to call the
next two in line:

Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
Gabriel Pineiro (Latin America/Caribbean)

Does anyone object?

Also, someone suggested that 6 votes out of 10 (or 9) valid panel
members could be considered a valid quorum for motion #D004. What do
you think?
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