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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Re: [atlarge-panel] Resignation

Vittorio wrote:

We were almost ready to do it on our own (especially if the panel
could have got together to approve at least this motion). But Joop's
actions, de facto, killed this organization.
My pleasure to serve as your scapegoat.

Members will judge for themselves what "organization" was killed by asking the members what they want.

Co-operation with and endorsement of members who were willing to donate their money and spend 21 hours on organizing the referendum would have been much more positive.

You were asked to provide (via the the Poll watchers, if you wish) email addresses of the last 20 members, so that they can be Polled too.
There is still time to do that and prove that you are committed to democracy, more than to your ego and authority as "Chair of Icannatlarge.org"

Hans Klein has also resigned from the Panel and the possibility of Panel decisions has receded under the horizon.

BTW, did you vote already and critique the Polling questions via the comment line?


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