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[atlarge-discuss] Comments on the reminder to sign up as a voter

1." I thought your email announcement was spam because neither the web page it directs me to nor the host that sent it is under the icannatlarge.{com,org} domain. In fact I still suspect it's spam. If I wasn't already used to the half-assed shit you guys........." (the rest didn't fit on the comment line in the Booth. This member registered as voter).

2."Thanks for the reminder, Joop"

3. > Of the 166 voters that got the last message, so far only 17 have
> signed up as voter.

"Perhaps because ICANN has no credibility at all and most people who
participated in the "elections" last time around have wandered off in
Is there a URL I can hit to resign from ICANN AtLarge? This bus was
broken from the beginning, I want off."

The watchers get these message too or can see them in the Booth.

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