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RE: [atlarge-discuss] I will not be a candidate

Jefsey Morfin wrote:

|  But first, Vittorio speaks of defamation. This could  be true if
|  I had not been over cautious in going by the book: writing to him,
|  writing to him copying Bruce as the third Panelist, wrting to him
|  copying the 10 other panelists, then writing to him copying the whole
|  Membership. Each time I sent him a private mail first.

I'll back Jefsey up in this.  He really tried to work this out off line.

|  I must said I hated what he made me to do.

His message traffic was obviously distressed, and grew more so the longer we
went without a response.

|  His only problem is the elected Panel. He knows
|  he needs it, it seems he does not see what positive to do with it.

I don't entirely either.. I don't think anyone ever elevated to the Panel
clearly understands what we were supposed to be doing, because there are no
rules!  The membership has expected us to produce, but not given us any
authority to do so, and have for the most part been willing solely to sit on
the sidelines watching for something to happen.  When one of us -- be it
Joanna, Hans, or Vittorio, or even Joop -- took the initiative to try and
make something happen, they have been branded as autocratic or dictatorial,
or even worse branded as a conspirator!  Ultimately, the membership must
delineate what responsibilities the Panel should have, then give them the
authority through the bylaws to carry those responsibilities out.

|  First, let be clear, Vittorio has many CIOs. But it is untrue that
|  Panelists ignored them.

I agree.  Vittorio's other affiliations preceed this organization and have
been well known.  And to his credit he's done an admirable job keeping his
"different lives" separate.

|  So you talk about COI for Vittorio. I would name it COD
|  conflict of duties. Vittorio says himself that ALAC is no
|  big deal but that no one cares about icannatlarge.org.

I don't buy it.  I find it more than coincidental that the whole new AL*C
drill started up just weeks after we self organized, no doubt as an attempt
to fracture the At Large!  And so far it's been moderately successful in
that effort.  But they would never have gone to such lengths as to start up
and run a time and resource-consuming puppet At Large body if they didn't
respect and fear the potential of *our* organization.  So I suppect they
care greatly about ICANNATLARGE.ORG, and what we might become (and do!) if
we ever get our act together!  Our best revenge would be to bring their
fears to life by getting past all our troubles and building this
organization into a force they have no choice but to recognize and treat

|  - ALAC is paying Vittorio's and Thomas' ticket to RIO.
|     I do not say they have been "purchased", but that
|     when an organization bores you by stupid mails and
|     another makes you fly to Rio, you tend to think you
|     can achieve more with the later than with the former. So,
|     you tend to favor the laters interests, for the sake of
|     common efficiency, all the more if the former"s poor
|     shape is in part your own fault.

I have another interpretation: if I were in Vittorio's position, I'd be
doing everything I could to gain advantage for this organization.  That
would include being flown to Rio and allowed to interact with people who
could be useful to this organiozation in the future.  If ICANN wanted to
think I was "bought and paid for" that would be their misconception.  The
fact is it's easier to bring down the enemy from within than it is from

|     Except: who has the domain name password?

Good question.  It should be more than one person, certianly!

|  Jeff, you objected to me talking of the Panel. Please re-read
|  I talked about Panelists. One of the most damageable
|  thing Vittorio did was to send the list to Judyth and Jan
|  and not to the Panelists (who could have passed it to
|  them, hence my mail to ask them to accept it, both to
|  protect them - there is a real trap - and the stability of
|  our community). This brings us back more than one year
|  back, in a worse situation. At that time Joop insured
|  stability and direction, even if controverted.

I agree.  By cutting the rest of the panel out of the loop, Vittorio
disrespected us.

|        The plan is to organize elections. Without reinventing
|        the wheel. 11 panelists elected in the simplest way,
|        for a simple mandate (manage the list, manage the
|        site, enter MoUs with who wants if the Members say
|        yes, incorporate). This will not result form a long debate
|        (itwill come in due time), but being written on the ballot,
|        as the mission statement of the elected Panelist.

I agree.  Start with a simple framework and build up.

|          If more is needed, Members will vote.

|  Now, some will tell me: who made yo King to propose this.
|  I will say: "no, one". My intend is to see this organization
|  to go through, not to command or reign over it.

And I will say "they elected you to protect the good of the organizatio."
and you are serving out that responsibility.  And I've got your back!

|  I will not be a candidate.

Too bad.  But I hope you will stay active!  :)

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon USA
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