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RE: [atlarge-discuss] FYI: Anonymity, identity and authority

This is a general response to this thread, and several others dealing with
verifying the identity of real persons:

So far I've seen at least three methods postulated here to verify a member
as a real person: chain of trust, Thawte certificates, and the PayPal idea.
All three will work, and each has its good and bad points:

	-  Chain of trust, while essentially free, is limited in most cases to
persons within easy travelling distance of one another, which I'm sure
describes only a few of our members!

	-  Thawte certificates, while easily usable internationally, require a
certian number of individuals to go through the time and expense of getting
certified as a Web of Trust Notary.  I'm sure, however that we have members
who would be willing to step up and take on thjis responsibility (me for

	-  The PayPal idea leverages an existing system to allow for minumal cost
(US $1.00) to certify, but it requires that the person have a PayPal
account, which means they must own a credit card, which limits participants
to those who qualify for and wish to have a credit card!

My point is, why can't we do all of these, and other methods other members
might devise, using a combination of methods to suit all situations?  For

	-  We could use Thawte to certify regional Web of Trust Notaries, then
hold regional meetings where potential members could drop in and get

	-  Members who have no credit card and couldn't travel (no funds,
physically disabled, etc.), could arrainge to be visited by two
previously-verified members who could certify them via chain of trust.

You get the idea.  By creatively using a combination of means, we should be
able to reach and certify everyone.

We should have a WG working on this after the election.  I nominate Sotiris
to head it, since he's contributed so many good ideas in this area!  :)!

BTW, I also recommend that Danny and Holger visit Texas to personally verify
Jeff Williams, in penance for baiting him all the time!   (Sorry!  Couldn't
resist!)  :)

Bruce Young
Portland, Oregon
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