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RE: [atlarge-discuss] Too Many Other Things...

On 15:03 31/05/03, Walter Schmidt said:
On Sat, 31 May 2003, J-F C. (Jefsey)  Morfin wrote:
> Dear Walter,
> please do not rewrite History please,
> You may recall that the election call asked for help to rewrite together
> the questions. You did not join and bring that help "I should have
> asked"?

    ...I am not, nor should you.
We were talking of question writing.

As you may recall, having been a watchdog in the past, I was asked to be
one, again. When I found out that the procedures to be followed were not
to include the controls of the past elections, and ones necessary for ANY
election to guard against errors or irregularities, I decline to be a
watchdog, over a process that was not significantly controlled.
I suppose this something you will still claim on your death bed....
I cannot change that. Even that the process has been checked by
elections pros and that due to that an investor want to start a voting
business on this scheme (I reported it). And we have already started
investigating how we could do that developping one or two Postfix
modeules :-)

However, I did promise to provide suggestions that if followed might be
helpfull. When I saw the possible problems we could be faced with, I
Let see your objections (this is a good test of the system).

Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 07:36:32 -0400 (EDT)

Folks -

We will have a group of 5 or 6 individuals (the "GROUP") taking
"responsibility" for "creating" and "disseminating" a "verified"
[ballot] "list" - good. Here are five short questions, the answers to
which if provided BEFORE the process begins (or at least before it is
completed) will go a long way to help ensure we are all "on the same

1. What specific data will be verified by the GROUP?
None. Their role is to receive data and to report to the Members that they received them.

2. How will that data be verified by the GROUP - the process details?
They will not be verified. Verifications will be carried by the voters. Using the process they want.

3. What verified data will be disseminated by the GROUP?
None. all the anonymized ballots will be disseminated to the Members

4. To whom will the verified data be disseminated by the GROUP?
The Group will only tell which data they received.

5. How will the verified data be disseminated by the GROUP?
The watchdog mailing lits will be open to all.

Thanks in advance...

p.s. ...as I do not know who is speaking for Jefsey, Bruce and Eric, nor
do I know who is speaking for the Watchdogs, I addressed this to "Folks."
I am responding because I think that may be you will understand
better my Frenglish than the American of Bruce? Or of the Voted,
disseminated and candidates/watchdogs accepted rules.

Just to be clear, we (all of us) are best served if the answers come from
all 5-6 of the GROUP, or the spokespersons of the GROUP's two subgroups;
Jefsey, Bruce and Eric one group, the Watchdogs the other.

Had my advice been followed, we might not be in the position we are now
in, holding an election over which rudimentary controls were not put in
place and followed - and, therefore, for which we have no way to ensure
errors or irregularities did not occur.
You obviously not understood anything yet :-)
I give up :-)

And to make sure I am clear about this point - I am not saying something
"wrong" happened, it is just that we did not follow a process that would
provide enough control for anyone to say it did not - other than just
because "it is said it did not."
We just did not follow a process which can be biased as with DNSO or
Joop's booth. We followed a process which cannot be biased otherwise
than by the collusion of the three Polling Committee Members AND the
Manager of the commercial hosting of the mailing list.

Watchdogs were unnecessary. But helpful to control the Committee.


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