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[atlarge-discuss] FW: [Panel] REPORT on VOTE #2003-22 Voter registry

> The following motions was under vote for 6 days and has the following
> outcome:
> Since there are doubts about the members who desire(have) 
> voting rights in this organization which doubts are fed by 
> concerns on the numbers of people that need short term 
> verification; it is proposed that upon acceptance of this motion;
> The panel opens up a secure web page where members of this 
> organization,
> verified and not verified alike, express their interest to 
> vote in the next upcoming election or be a candidate, 
> nominator or seconder in such an election.
> The verification comm is asked to verify those members a priori.
> The voters-register will be kept and on it will be the names 
> of the verified members who have a right to vote and the not 
> yet verified members (awaiting verification or appeal)
> Registration as a voter will become a necessity for people to 
> gain the right to vote.
> Voted YES:  Hugh Blair, Daniel R. Tobias, Sotiris 
> Sotiropoulos, Mauro D Rios, Gilber Estillore Lumantao, Ivonne 
> Munoz Torres, Abel Wisman Voted NO: none
> Abstained: none
> Did not vote: David Goldstein (chair) Joop Teenstra (travel) 
> Daniel Chirita
> Motion is carried
> Kind regards
> Abel
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