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[atlarge-discuss] Independent Polling Commission election

The following email was send to the members of the icannatlarge.org

Notification of election for an Independent Polling Commission.

In accordance with motion 2003-10


and the subsequently adopted charter for this commission.


We announce the starting date for nominations and the schedule for the
election as follows:

Nominations will begin Friday 22 August at 0.00 hour GMT.

The following rules will apply to this election.

Candidates must be members verified by the verification Committee with a
"fully verifiable" status before they can run as candidates.

Nominations and Seconds can be made by any member of this organization.
Candidates can "self nominate". Self nominated Candidates need to have 2
seconds, nominated candidates need 1 second. Members are those on the
member list on the www.icannatlarge.org site at the moment of sending of
this email announcement, members registered after the sending of this
email will not receive an invitation to vote.

Every member has the right to "challenge" the identity of a person who
nominates or seconds a candidate by stating so in public on the members
mail list.
Once challenged, the challenged person needs to be verified by the VC,
and shall have to receive a status of "verified" before the nomination
or second can stand.

Nomination period will end on the 19th of September at 0.00 hours GMT.

Exactly 1 week after this the ballots will be send out.

The election will run for 3 weeks.

You will be informed on the content of the ballot and the workings of
the voting system beforehand. We will do everything in our power to make
it possible to vote by email or on the web, as per your choice.

The charter for this committee will be in place until by-laws of the
organization stipulates otherwise.

Candidates, nominators and seconds will be posted on the
icannatlarge.org website, where all candidates will be given pages for
their campaign. Clear links will be posted on the front page pointing to
the candidates pages.

Candidates will be provided a page template to use if they wish to
create their own page.

With kind regards

Hugh Blair, Sotiris Sotiropoulos, Abel Wisman

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