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[atlarge-discuss] VC#2003-0009 RESULT: Vote: Motion: Member Certification

[Everyone: The following was previously sent to the Panel and is now being posted to the Members Moderated list, and general discuss list.]

Panel Members:

We are pleased to report the adoption of VC Resolution #2003-0009 below.

A Section 3, having to do with "Verification Committee Best Practices" and to include "data handling" and disposition, which could not be completed for this adoption is now in development.

Nonetheless, the VC is now able to begin review and certification of IPC nominees and nominators forthwith.

As not all VC members have voted yet, we shall wait to publish the votes when all have. All VC members were put on notice that we would publish this result as soon as a majority approved, which has happened.

For the committee,

/s/ Joey Borda
Joanna Lane

Saturday, September 27, 2003 * 8:27 PM EDT USA

-----Begin Resolution-----

VC#2003-0009 Membership Certification


1.1 LEVEL 1 There are no certification requirements to register as a member of the At Large organization and to have access to the discuss lists and web site forum. Level 1 members may join and post to moderated members only mailing list(s), but with the condition that all subscribers must go through the verification process within a defined amount of time after joining or be removed from the mail list(s), such time limit defined in the Bylaws.

1.2 LEVEL 2 Members desiring to vote in polls and elections, to join working groups and committees, to nominate or second a member for an elected position within the organization, must be verified as a single entity and a real person.

The method used for verification may be chosen by the member from those currently approved and listed below A) through G), from time to time amended. Only one of these requirements must be met in most cases, but if a member's identity is challenged by another member, then the challenger may request the Verification Committee to investigate further. In the event of such a challenge, the Verification Committee will require the challenger to provide supporting evidence for the challenge and may require both challenger and challenged to meet a higher standard of verification, such as required of a member standing for office and described below in Level 3. Failing further verification, the Verification Committee will decertify the member(s).

Nominees for office are not required to post a photograph in the public domain, but are encouraged to do so.

1.3. LEVEL 3 Members desiring to stand for appointment to an At Large Committee or as a candidate for election, must meet the highest standard of verification, from time to time amended. Currently this is either item A) or B) below, or any THREE of items C), D), E), F) and G).

All members elected to office are required to post a photograph and a brief biography in the public domain so that every member may know by whom they are being represented.



A. Web of Trust - Proprietary and Internal B. Face-to-face Meeting with Satisfactory Documentation C. History of Online Activity D. Financial Transaction through Bank, Credit Card, or Payer Service E. Phone Call F. Postal Mail Exchange G. Verified Member Referral


A) Web-of-Trust: Members may submit "trust certifications" of their identity obtained from "trust certifiers" approved by the Verification Committee. The Thawte Web of Trust is a currently approved third party system that may be inspected at: http://www.thawte.com/html/SUPPORT/wot/index.html

The Verification Committee anticipates that an internal WoT will be developed over time as verified members interact with other verified members and are able to meet with and verify other members.

B) Face-to-face: Members of the verification committee may meet with At Large members where practical in order to determine the authenticity of a member's single persona and existence as an identifiable person.

All those attending the meeting must show photo ID to the other(s). Examples of acceptable ID would be a passport or driving license.

C) History of on-line activity: Members are requested to direct the Verification Committee to their on-line presence and/or participation on the Internet, or to references to on-line documents demonstrating their identity.

D) Financial Transaction through Bank, Credit Card, or Payer Service: Members are requested to authorize payment of a nominal sum, by electronic means or otherwise, to a Verification Committee account through an approved bank, credit card, or payer service that has verified the identify of that member. Merely one example would be the transfer of a $1 using PayPal.

E) Phone call: Members are requested to provide a telephone number that a member or members of the Verification Committee may call and speak directly to the member.

F) Postal mail exchange: Members are requested to provide a postal mailing address to which the Verification Committee may send a restricted delivery letter enclosing a unique code to be E-mailed back to the Verification Committee to confirm receipt.

G) Verified Member Referral Members are requested to provide the name and contact details of at least one currently certified member who can vouch for their identity and preferably two or more.

-----End Resolution-----

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

[ ] Abstain

[Replace this box with your name]

Eligible Voter List:

Joey Borda mailto:starwalker@gay.com
Martha Gottlieb mailto:megom@gwi.net
Jeff Holt mailto:jefftttt@txucom.net
Joanna Lane mailto:jo-uk@rcn.com
Mark Poole mailto:urgen@charter.net
Micheal Sherrill mailto:micheal@beethoven.com & mailto:mjsherril@yahoo.com
Ron Sherwood mailto:sherwood@islands.vi
Sotiris Sotiropoulos mailto:sotiris@hermesnetwork.com


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