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[atlarge-discuss] The icannatlarge mail lists

I'm posting this to the discuss list because I'm concerned that most members really 
don't know what is going on with icannatlarge.org.  Since the members list was 
established, most posters are posting there, but not enough of the members of the 
discuss list (this list) have subscribed to the "members" list.  The result is that some 
900 list members are not reading what is being posted and it concerns everyone.

For those who don't know where to find the subscribe information, it is at 

I hope that members of this list will subscribe to the list being used by those who are 
seriously working on the organization.  The election for the Polling Committee 
members is underway, for instance.  There are discussions about member 
verification going on and there will most likely be discussions on membership 
structure, possible dues and many other very important issues.

It seems to me that those who are honestly interested in what the organization will 
look like, how it will represent us, who it will represent and to whom, would wish to 
participate in its final formation.  Once the PC is elected and polls begin to go out to 
members, outreach is begun, etc. things just may begin to move rather quickly.  At 
least I would like to think so.  

It has taken a couple of years to even get to this point.  The verification committee 
has been working hard, long hours to provide a workable process for us and others 
have been working equally hard in other areas.  It's time for people to jump in and 
participate.  Those who don't bother should also not complain if and when things are 
not done the way they would prefer (processes, rules, dues?, etc.).  Remember, this 
is a member-driven organization, but only those members who say something have 
a voice, right?

Again, please join the members list at 
http://mailman.icannatlarge.org/mailman/listinfo/members if you have no done so.  



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