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[atlarge-discuss] RE: Your message to Members (ICANNAtlarge) awaits moderator approval

Oh, I see now....  So you take on the hitlerian command of the maillist
now too....  should have expected that from you.  So "thorn in my eye"
indeed, you illustrate yet again the authoritarian predisposition to
control the media and silence all dissent.  That is cowardly at best and
fascist at worst.

The assertion that any statement of mine has been a 'physical threat" is
subjective hogwash and you know it full well.  A physical threat is
something such as "I'll kick your ass" and not mere mention that a lack
of a meeting face to face is good fortune for one or the other in a

Regards T'all,
Jeff Holt 
The Tall Tejas Traveler

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