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[atlarge-discuss] Purposeful misdirection and misquote.

Members, et al....

On the "restricted" Members-Only (moderated and soon to be censored)
mailing list, there has lately been a series of continuing arguments
over almost every detail of this organization's attempts to formalize
into a "real" entity with real impact on the future of the Web.  Here is
a sample of the misdirection thrown into discussions about the "Full
Moderation (i.e. censorship)" being contemplated:
On Sun, 1 Feb 2004, Jan Siren wrote:

> I concur fully.
> Leah G wrote:
> >
> > Please let's not go down this road... this is censorship.  We should
> > NEVER (great empahasis) discourage members opinions regardless of
> > derivative source of the material.

Taken out of context, the above would seem to be an obvious position to
support. But it was made "out of context."

No one is trying to "discourage members opinions" when those opinions
not tantamount to yelling "Fire!" in a theatre, when there is no fire.

Also, if this list was the only resource one had to express ones
then I could see a problem. But there are many resources available.

Given the disruptive, non-contributory nature of some posts this list
seems to attract, I see a moderated list as the lesser of two evils.

And, we can agree to disagree and move on - but if your position is in
support of not having moderation, fine - but please, couch your comments
in terms befitting the actions that brought us to this discussion -
actions were not, and could never be confused with, a member voicing
---  Regards, walts@dorsai.org  Walter C. Schmidt, IT CPA  Blue(^) ---

Comparing dissent to yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater is a
non-sequitor.  The fact remains that a minority of the current Panel has
usurped the majority of Power which by rights belongs to the full
membership.  The website has been subject to intermittent failures and
the Forum has still NOT been restored to the state it was in prior to
the "fire" which allegedly wiped out the hard drives.  Arbitrary
decisions have been made behind closed doors, Panel actions have taken
place without full disclosure, and the transparent and democratic
principles upon which this effort was begun are being undermined more
and more.


Jeff Holt

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