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business proposal

You may be surprised to receive this letter from me to since you dont know me personally. The reason of my conception is that I am Yuse Mugaga the oldest son of Paul Mugaga, a Farmer in Simbabwe, which was murdered recently in the land controversy in my country. I got the contact to you over the InterNet, therefore I decided you to write. Before the death of my father it had also taken me after Johannesburg, in order to deposit 8.5 million US-$ in a private safety company, since he foresaw the future danger in Zimbabwe,he invested his money in the form of jewelry. The sum was meant for the acquisition of new machines and chemicals for the farms and for the establishment of a new farm in Swaziland. The land problems began, when our president Robert Mugabe introduced a landreform, which predominantly affected white rich Farmer and some few black Farmer and in the murder and would attack through war veterans and some other spirit-disturbed culminated. A large number of people w!
 as actually murdered, one of the victims was my father. Because of this background I fled with my family from Simbabwe for safety of our life and live temporarily in the Netherlands, where we asked for political asylum and decided to transfer the money of my father on a better attainable foreign account, Here, the laws of the Netherlands as an asylum seeker  forbids an account opening or into any financial transactions within the Netherlands. As I am responsible as the oldest son of my father for the search for a suitable foreign account, where we can deposit our money without the knowledge of my government. The South African government seems to make common cause with them. I am confronted with the dilemma to get this money from South Africa in the fear to make the same experiences again both countries have the same political history. As a businessman I look for a partner, which my family and i can trust in future. I must not fail to assure you that this transaction is with!
 out risk. If you want to assist me and my family, I would like you to 
contact and make an arrangement with the security company for the delivery (that Fund) of their subsidiary in the Netherlands, since I already gave the instruction for the transfer from South Africa to the Netherlands. Before the modalities  for the change of the possession of the plants and still more importantly the money, which  have to be invested may take place. I have two options for you, first of all,you can choose to receive a certain percentage of the money for the use of your account for the transaction. Or you can step secondly into a partnership with me about the money which is more profitable in your country to invest. You select whatever option, feel free to tell me. I plan to use 5% of the money for all kinds of expenses during the process of the transactions. If you should not prefer a partnership, I am to pay the determined 10% of the money, while the remaining 85% for investments are meant in your country.You can contact me with the above email Adresse.Plea!
 se for safety reasons,the confidentiality of this transaction will be highly appreciated.
 God Bless you!