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Re: [atlarge-discuss] Purposeful misdirection and misquote.

On 2 Feb 2004 at 13:44, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Daniel R. Tobias wrote:
> > On 2 Feb 2004 at 1:55, Jeff Williams wrote:
> >
> > >   Thanks for providing this very interesting yet not unexpected tid
> > > bit of the typical dialog that seems to be desired to be hidden
> > > away from the light of day by certain ICANNATLARGE.COM
> > > members.
> >
> > Don't you mean ICANNATLARGE.ORG members?
>   Actually I mean both.  As they were or still are one in the same.

Not last I checked... they go to different (though confusingly 
similar) sites, with the .org one going to the official site of the 
organization, and the .com one going to Joop's personal attempt to 
imitate it and confuse people.

> >  That was long ago voted as
> > the official domain of the organization.
>   And the vote was in favor of ICANNATLARGE.COM instead
> of the other choices on the than ballot which the results were hotly
> contested, and that contestment was never resolved.

The way I recall it, the .org domain won the vote.

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