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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [Members] dot org forum administration

Mr. Wisman,

You are a liar and a coward.  Characterizing any emails I have sent as
"spam" is disingenuous.  Actions taken by your so-called 'moderators'
are clearly biased and against the best interests of this organization.
Seeking to silence dissent is tantamount to an admission of guilt in
your dictatorial stances yet once more.  The double standard you
practice is more than obvious and will be the death of this
organization's effort to become reality.  The censorship being practiced
under your controlling hand is worthy of ICANN itself.  You blatantly
call people names and then run crying when the worm turns.  Your
"leadership" example is one of paranoia and deceit and has nothing to
redeem it.  You and your pet control phreaks should step aside and start
your own "ALT" news group.

Jeff Holt 
The Tall Tejas Traveler
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The person's email you forwarded and coming from the same person who has
been continuously spamming large numbers of members, is banned from this
list for a period of 2 months, this period has not yet ended, forwarding
post to this list is a flagrant disrespect for the list's rules.

As for the content, Walt and Daniel are forum moderators.

I kindly ask the moderator to make sure that posts from banned members
not re-posted on the list.

kind regards


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