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[atlarge-discuss] RE: [Members] I Nominate Stephen Waters for the IPC

No, Abel, it is VERY true... 

I absolutely DID post under the IPC Elections Discussion area a new
topic with the heading "Self-Nominations" along with the post that I
would be happy to contribute the effort to generate unbiased and fair
question/answer sets provided disagreements were settled "by reference
to a grammarian" (exact words)....  So someone is lying to you and it is
NOT me.

That post along with several others, all posted the same day, were
removed without notice or reason given by someone who has the ability to
do so on the Forum.  If it was not you, as you state vehemently in your
Post on the Forum against "mind control", then one of your underlings
has taken it upon themselves to do so without telling you.  I have
hesitated to continue this contest of perceptions, and do not entirely
subscribe to Joop's methods, but the continuous censorship and banality
must stop.

Regards T'all,
Jeff Holt 
The Tall Tejas Traveler
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I call upon the moderator again :

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Subject: [Members] I Nominate Stephen Waters for the IPC

> Jeff Holt offered himself as candidate, but saw his posting to the
> summarily removed before it could receive any seconds. I consider such
> intervention in the political process by a Forum host extremely

This statement in UNTRUE, according to list rules agreed upon I finally
actions against these constant infringements.
Since I host the forum and have in NO WAY interfered with the workings
this forum, except for reconstruction when needed this can only be
as a blatant lie told on purpose to blemish my record and hurt my

This remark therefore ALSO falls under the "insulting" and "abusive"
of those rules.

If this continuous bashing on my hosting the services for this
does not stop then I am left with two options only:

1. Filter mr. Teernstra at border router level or,
2. end the hosting completely

with kind regards


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