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[atlarge-discuss] Formal Appeal to ALL Panelists

Dear Panel members;

Since it appears that this appeal must be made explicit in order to
satisfy those who demand such, I formally appeal the decision to ban me
from not only the Mailing list but the Forum as well.  The alleged
improprieties were of perception alone and not of factual basis.

As far as the matter Holt is concerned, he was banned from this list, in
past a ban from this list was also a ban from the forum, this was
overlooked, he continued his foul language posting there, the moderator
ME, since I am not moderator) took this post of, banned him and took the
posts made after the infringement of as well, as they should not have

Jeff has not notified the panel of a appeal to either decision (one
why if it was so unjust) instead he posts a lot of members off list to
continue. I have taken myself of that list since he did not want to
sending me those emails and I still decide myself what I do and do not

Where has it been shown that "in the past" any "ban" applied to the
Mailing List was also applied to the Forum?  Since this Forum has only
been in existence briefly, I have not seen anyone other than myself
banned in the first place.  Secondly, the "Posts" that were removed were
in every case not "mendacious" at all and in some cases were mere
reposts of information DIRECTLY from ISOC emails, confirmations and
agreement with previous posters, and simple questions.

Suddenly I am cast as a "disruptor" for attempting to defend myself,
which Abel now claims he is trying to do with his autocratic actions.
The true root cause of this disruption lies with the so-called
"Moderator" who continues his attempted character assassination of me in
every Post, including his recent "I quit" memo.

We have a panel chair that has decided to take control of the group by
intimidation (removing his server), a web forum member that has decided
to moderate beyond the proscribed jurisdiction, an unhappy person on the
polling committee that seeks to disrupt whatever is placed before him,
and a temporarily banned member that still creates havoc at will to the
atlarge discuss and forum sites.

These characterizations are untrue and subjective at best.  I appeal now
to the FULL Panel, now is the time to speak forthrightly.  Voice an OPEN
opinion.  If it is the majority opinion that I am completely at fault, I
will quietly pack my bags and fade into the sunset, to build an ALSO for
Texas under the umbrella of the ALAC and stop trying to mediate between
arch-rivals Joop and Abel at all.


Jeff Holt

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