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[atlarge-discuss] FW: Thank you for ordering atlargetexas.org

Howdy Folks!

There is a NEW At-Large constituency effort taking shape for Internet
users in Texas to participate in the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee's
efforts to grow individual representation in the governance and
direction of the Internet.  If you have even a passing interest in the
Internet, this organization will be of interest to you and best of all
the membership will be FREE in the beginning! (Though at some point it
may become necessary to have some form of annual dues to support
educational and outreach efforts).
ICANN stands for "International Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers" and is the enterprise created by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce to
oversee and control the growth of the WWW/Internet.  

The URL will be www.atlargetexas.org and the Administrator for the time
being will be me until someone can be found to take the position over
under a formal set of By-Laws and Constitution.  These documents will be
the first topic on the agenda and may be discussed fully in the Forum
which will be set up on the Web site in the near future.  As of this
moment, I have no plans for a "Mailman" mailing list and will
concentrate on using the Forum (phpBB with MySQL) as the primary means
of communication.  Emails are less than exact in conveying words and
concepts so let us all practice Forum "netiquette" and make use of the
"smileys" to help convey "tone"!  I hope to provide the highest level of
functionality in the phpBB and will NOT censor Postings other than to
abide by the Laws of decency and the Terms of Service of the Host

For now, the email address for the Organization will be forwarded to me,
but in time (and with the help of someone more versed in programming
current interactive web apps) it may become a mailing list at some

I hope to see y'all registered on the new At-Large-Texas Forum in the
near future! With the United Nations, many governments, and
multinational conglomerates all vying to control the coming of the
"Information Society", it will be more and more important for
individuals to keep watch over how the "Internet" effects our children
and the face of the entire planet in the coming years!

Regards T'all,
Jeff Holt 
The Tall Tejas Traveler

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Dear Jeff,

Registration for atlargetexas.org has been completed and 
should show up in tomorrow's WHOIS database update.

Please contact support@ipowerweb.com if you encounter any difficulty.

iPowerWeb.com Staff

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