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Urgent Assistance Needed

FROM: Rev. (Dr.) Henry Briggs.
Head, Account/Finance Department
I am the director, of the accounts/finance department of the Nigerian Ports Authority. The crux of this letter is that I deliberately over-inflated certain contracts carried out within Nigerian Ports over ehe last 6months to the tune of $25.6million. Contracts for computerization and networking of all ports in Nigeria were given out and over invoiced the cost of contracts to the sum of $25.6 (Twenty Five Million, Six hundred Thousand Dollars).
These funds are now floating in the NPA domiciliary account with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).  

My colleagues and I now want to quickly transfer this fund to a safe nominated foreign account for possible investment abroad.
We (government officials) are not allowed as a matter of government policy to operate any foreign account because of our status as civil/public servants.  Hence the need to solicit for you're full banking details, to enable us transfer this money into your account.

Upon your acceptance of this proposal, we have also agreed on a sharing ratio: -
1) 10% for you as the account owner
2) 80% for I and my colleagues
3) 10% will be set aside to defray all incidental
expenses both locally and internationally during the
course of this transaction.

Furthermore, we shall be coming over to your country when the funds have been successfully remitted to your account and we shall be relying on your advise as regards to investment of our share.  Be informed that, this
business is genuine and 100% safe considering the high-powered government officials involved.
Send to me by email the following information: -
1) Your company name and address, bank name, address and account number.
2) Your private email address, telephone and fax number for effective communication.

This is to effect the Swift Transfer of this fund into your account in less than Seven (7) working days. Expecting your immediate respone, while looking
forward to a healthy business relationship with you. You are to contact me through email on this email address: write_henrybriggs@hotmail.com. Take good care of yourself and i hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Rev. (Dr). Henry Briggs.

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