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May 2004 Revenue Stats


I just received an urgent warning email from the accounts department of the
online business that you joined a few months back. They told me that you
have not yet confirmed acceptance of your last months stats or money earned.

If you don't do this immediately then not only will you miss being paid
out, it will also mean I don't get paid my over rides which will be very sad
as I am owed $12,152USD this month.

Please, simply visit this link and log into your account and accept your
stats statement and collect your earnings so I can get mine too. 

Please, click here: 

Many Thanks In Advance


Please note:

This is an automatic email delivered to my downline via software. If you
feel that I've breached your privacy or you would simply prefer not to
receive any further reminders, please click this link or copy this URL into
your browser>> http://ftbb.captureform.biz/capture/ftbb/removeme.htm and you
will be immediately and automatically unsubscribed from my downline list.

If this email has been received in error please accept my apologies.

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