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HbQel\lo d?ear home own"er,

WXe have beeRun noti}fie{d that yo{ur moMrtga8ge rate is fixed at a ver}y hBigh inStere`st rate. Therefore you ar}e currently overpaywin!g, wi4hich s.ums-up tmko thouF8sands of dollWar9s annu[alvHly .

LIuckCily f%or you wppe can guarantee the lowest rhmat*efs in the U.S<. (3.34%). S5Eo hurry because the rat`e for5ecast i!s not loo9gkCSin[g good!

Th(ere is no obligatio8n, and i:t's FRE?E

Lock on th(e 3.34%, even wi&th bad credit7!