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The Chief Executive of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)
Email: funsho4000@jumpy.it

I will like to use this medium introduced myself. My name are Funso Kupolokun,
the Chief Executive of the contract award committee NNPC. I got your particulars
from internet and decided to confide in you with special regards to your
profession, to carried out this transaction with you. I and my colleagues
are due for retirement very soon. So we have decided to seek avenue for
significant private investment to escape the inadequacy of our collapsing
pension scheme. So base on this poor pension scheme and poor salary; we
have decided to confide with you to carried out this transaction in order
to off-set our numerous bills and to have a joint investment with you.

I have been ordered by my colleagues to arrange with you or your company
for immediate movement US $23.5 million dollars to your account. However,
the fund will be secretly and successfully transfer to your account. There
is no risk involve. Our colleagues in the banking sector are ready to help
if we could find a reliable individual or company that will receive the
fund on our behalf.

This is important because the nature of my work will not give me ample time
to leave office anyhow but as soon as the fund confirmed in your account,
I will resign from service before my retirement time and come over for
my share of the fund and subsequent investment plan.

I must declare that the funds are as a result of over-invoiced of the contract
awarded last year.

Note: We decided to contact you base on the trust and confidentiality in
respect of your profession to stand as the beneficially of this huge amount
of money t transfer it to your account. It is necessary to let you know
that there is no risk involve in this transaction. We will share the money
in a ratio that will be satisfactory to all concerned under agreement. However,
60% will be for us (official) 30% for you (recipient) used to pay back all
expenses incurred by either parties during the cause of the transfer of
the money.

We are ready to provide you all the legally necessary documents to back
up the transfer of the money to your position. It will enable you directly
issue transfer instruction as the bonafide beneficiary of the money.

There is really is no need for further delay I am willing to send you
details for confirmation. But I need to emphasize the need for trust and
confidentially on this transaction. As soon as you receive this message
mail me and send me your private phone number, fax number, mail address,
account information where the money will be transfer. Immediately you send
this information I will forward you details for confirmation. Meanwhile
I like to have heart to heart discussion on this transaction with you.

Funsho Kupolokun .

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