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WallStreet-NEWS - PWRM Acquires Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Neurodegenerative Disease Blood Test from Baylor College of Medicine, j368Ki42

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--(OTCBB: PWRM) a leading proteomics company announces that it has secured the exclusive worldwide licensing rights from Baylor College of Medicine for serum Proteomics methods and biomarkers for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases, differential diagnosis of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS diseases, and other motor neuron and neurological disorders. The technology encompassing this agreement was co-developed by the scientific team at Power3 Medical under the leadership of Dr. Ira L. Goldknopf and the team at Baylor College of Medicine under the direction of the world renowned neurologist Dr. Stan Appel. The test employs the Company's patent pending proteomic methods to monitor the concentrations of a panel of proteins in the blood, to distinguish patients with Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's (ALS), and Parkinson's diseases from each other as well as from normal individuals and patients with other neurological disorders.