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[FYI] US: Attorneys general consider new laws to address Internet crime


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Posted at 1:59 p.m. PST Monday, January 10, 2000 

Attorneys general consider new laws to address Internet crime  

STANFORD, Calif. (AP) -- Attorney General Janet Reno wants 
authorities from federal, state and local agencies to form an around-
the-clock anti-cybercrime network to stop Internet lawbreakers.  

``I envision a network that extends from local detectives to the FBI 
to investigators abroad,'' said Reno.  

Reno rolled out details of the so-called LawNet to several hundred 
members of the National Association of Attorneys General meeting 
Monday at Stanford University.  

The program would include teams of highly skilled computer crime 
prosecutors and investigators, regional forensic computer 
laboratories and technology sharing, allowing expensive items to used 
by more than one agency, Reno said.  

She also proposed a new interstate compact to help insure enforcement 
of out-of-state subpoenas and warrants stemming from Internet 

``The Internet is indeed a splendid tool of wonder, but there is a 
dark side of hacking, crashing networks and viruses that we 
absolutely must address,'' she said.


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