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[FYI] EU assembly urges rewrite of draft Internet law


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Tuesday January 11, 12:43 AM

EU assembly urges rewrite of draft Internet law

BRUSSELS - A draft European Union law which online firms fear will 
stunt the growth of electronic commerce should be delayed, rewritten 
and amended, a draft report commissioned by the European Parliament 
has said.  

The report calls on the European Commission to rework a proposal 
which as it stands would allow Internet shoppers to sue online firms 
in the shopper's own country rather than the country where the online 
firm is based.  

"It is essential that the Council defer the adoption of the new 
regulation and that the Commission propose alternative dispute-
resolution machinery without delay," the report, drafted by British 
Liberal Democrat MEP Diana Wallis and obtained by Reuters, says.  

It warns the bill in its current form would open up online firms to a 
nightmare scenario which could see them facing lawsuits in any one of 
the EU's 15 countries regardless of whether they had sought to market 
their products there or not.  


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