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[FYI] DVD: Electronic Frontier Foundation Vows to Continue Legal Fight


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Thursday, January 20, 2000

Three Netizens Silenced by Motion Picture Industry in Early DVD Court

Electronic Frontier Foundation Vows to Continue Legal Fight

San Francisco -- During a three-hour hearing today in the Southern 
District of New York, Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan granted a 
preliminary injunction against three defendants sued by the very well 
funded Motion Picture Association of American (MPAA) over 
distribution of the DeCSS DVD descrambling program on the Internet. 
As a result, the defendants have been ordered to take down the 
offending material from their Web sites. The Electronic Frontier 
Foundation (EFF), which is a nonprofit organization providing pro 
bono legal counsel in this case and several others, vowed to continue 
to support the important free speech rights of the defendants.  

"While we are clearly disappointed with today's decision, not all has 
been lost," said EFF's Executive Director Tara Lemmey. "Judge 
Kaplan's ruling is very narrowly tailored and does not impact on the 
rights of others linking to, discussing, or publishing technical 
information on the weak encryption built into DVDs."  


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