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[FYI] DVD CAA/MPAA - Feldzug: Einmarsch in Norwegen

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From:           	Sean Donelan <sean@DONELAN.COM>
Subject:        	DVD CAA/MPAA go to Norway

>From slashdot.org, Jon Lech Johansen is the person believed to
engineer the DVD playback code.

Jon Lech Johansen (jlj) writes "The National Authority for
Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime in
Norway raided my home today and seized my Linux box, FreeBSD/Win2k box
and Nokia cellphone. Not only I, but also my father has been indicted,
since he owns the mmadb.no domain (webhotel) where my homepage(s) have
been located. They also took me in for questioning which lasted 6-7
hours. It's 2 am CET now (I just got back), I haven't eaten, and
someone's definitely going to pay for this. I have shut down my old
email account, and I'm now using linuxdvd@mmadb.no - More information
coming tomorrow, once I've talked to my lawyer. Did someone whisper

I didn't know you could play DVD movies on a Nokia cellphone.  Boy, I
bet the MPAA is glad the Norwegian authorities seized that dangerous
piece of equipment.
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