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[FYI] Chinesische Krypto-Politik verschaerft sich dramatisch


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25 January 2000. Thanks to Anonymous.
Source: US national newspaper, January 25, 2000 

Foreigners Must Disclose Internet Secrets to Beijing Soon 

Encryption Rules For Firms Threaten Growth of the Web 


BEIJING -- The Chinese government is about to require foreign firms 
to reveal one of their deepest secrets -- the type of software used 
to protect sensitive data transfers over the Internet.  

By next Monday, foreign and Chinese companies must register the type 
of commercial encryption software they use. Such software makes it 
more difficult for hackers -- or governments -- to eavesdrop on 
electronic messages. Eventually, the companies must provide details 
of employees who use the software, making it easier for authorities 
to monitor personal and commercial use of the Internet.  

In addition, the regulations bar Chinese companies from buying 
products containing foreign-designed encryption software. A strict 
interpretation would include such products as Netscape browsers or 
Microsoft Outlook, as well as the more complex equipment vital for 
conducting business securely over the Internet.  


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