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Re: [FYI] Prodi announces personal Internet initiative

Hallo Axel,

On 26.01.2000 to subject "[FYI] Prodi announces personal Internet
initiative ", you wrote:

>Romano Prodi, President of the European Commission, has established a
>register of his correspondence on the Internet in a move designed to
>bring greater transparency to the workings of the European
>The register will be fully accessible to the public when the Web
>service is established.
>It follows Mr Prodi's announcement to the European Parliament on 14
>September 1999 that he would establish this service in line with his
>commitment to establishing good practices of openness within the

Und könnte der Ersatz für den allgemeinen Zugang zu EU Dokumenten
Auch in den Beratungen zur Beschränkung des Zugangs zu EU Dokumenten ist
von der Notwendigkeit zur Einrichtung eines Registers die Rede - in den
gleichen Dokumenten, in denen gleichzeitig der Zugriff auf Arbeitspapiere,
Drafts usw. beschränkt werden soll.

Ein Auszug aus

1. Establishment of a register

In order to give people an idea of the documents to which they may request
access and to increase the public impact of the policy of freedom of
information, a possibility of creating an easily accessible register of
documents should be looked at(17). This suggestion is enthusiastically
endorsed by the European Parliament and the Ombudsman(18). This register
could be seen as one of several tools intended to make document search
easier for members of the public. It is certainly not the intention to
limit access only to those documents included in the register, as this
would be much too restrictive.


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